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  • Unified the Bank’s regulatory, management and statutory reporting into one central reporting function
  • The central reporting function ensures information consistency
  • Enabled the bank to plan two years in advance
  • Improved the decision making process
  • Reduced the reporting cycle by 50%

"We have found that the Information Edge solution is significantly more efficient than our legacy system and provides us with faster, more transparent reporting. The banking industry has seen a huge amount of regulatory change over the past few years and Information Edge will enable us to continue to adapt to this evolving environment." BANK’S PROJECT MANAGER

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Case Study – World’s 9th Largest Bank: Download PDF Click to download PDF


The Treasury is the United Kingdom's economics and finance ministry. It is responsible for formulating and implementing the Government's financial and economic policy. Treasury’s Budgeting System (PES), was coming to the end of its natural life and needed to be replaced. To read more click on the PDF below.

Case Study – HM Treasury: Download PDF Click to download PDF


"Information Edge has allowed a wider audience for budget information and has led to increased awareness and acceptance of scrutiny of budgets …this has led to better ownership of the plan."CFO, Manukau City Council

"The system in place enables us to provide better governance for the communities that we serve by enhancing accountabilities and internal management processes."SENIOR ACCOUNTANT, Compliance & Projects, Manukau City Council (*$351 million budget in 2003)

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Manukau City Council Case Study: Download PDF Click to download PDF


An Enterprise Performance Improvement / Business Management Solution was needed to monitor and manage performance (gain greater insight) against its outputs / outcomes. They needed to consolidate source data in a controlled and managed manner to provide information at operational and strategic levels for the Commission.

This was achieved on time and on budget.

Key Benefits:

The presentation of user friendly performance management information directly to senior managers’ desktops has allowed focused analysis of performance and more informed decision making.

Also the consolidation of data has eradicated data consolidation and reporting errors. This has freed up resource to analyse and report on the data to provide a more informed narrative to support decision making.

On an operational level it has increased the visibility of performance at all levels in the organisation. It has allowed the Commission to work around resource constraints and to re-allocate resources to tackle areas which are in danger of failing to meet targets.

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Charities Commision - Case Study: Download PDF Click to download PDF