Q. What sort of businesses does Descisys cater for?

A. Descisys has an impressive portfolio of large and medium sized business customers in both the commercial and Government sector. Descisys deliver business intelligence and datawarehousing systems and services that use industry leading technology as well as our own business intelligence applications - Camelot for Government organisations and Prove for commercial organisations.

Q. What kind of experience does Descisys have?

A. Descisys has over a decade of experience and an excellent reputation with a history of 100% success in project implementation, a record we intend to maintain

Q. Can Descisys meet my particular business requirements?

A. Descisys tailors applications to suit your specific business requirements. As a client of ours, we will work with you to understand your goals and anticipate and manage change.

Q. How can I be assured that Descisys products will not outdate?

A. At Descisys, we continually develop our applications by working with a cross section of organisations, making sure we remain an innovator in the field of Data Warehousing and BI. We rely on a contribution of customer feedback, close links with technology suppliers and a large dedicated research and development team.

Q. How does Descisys ensure an effective implementation of their product?

A. We offer a turnkey approach which includes project management, business and technical consulting services as well as training and organisational change management services for our applications. In addition, comprehensive post implementation support is available

Q. Is Descisys only in New Zealand?

A. No, Descisys has a notable market presence with offices in the UK, Australia and New Zealand and plans are currently underway to open offices in Europe.

Q. How do I know Implementation of a Descisys solution will be successful?

A. Descisys has a 100% success rate with project implementation. Descisys success in implementing enterprise data warehousing budgeting and performance management solutions derives from defining measurable goals and establishing clear guide lines for responsibility also lines of communication and a quality management programme.

Q. Will a Descisys solution be high maintenance?

A. No, Descisys software applications are scalable, web native and customised without coding. This combination provides low total cost of ownership relative to most competitors.

Q. What kind of support will I receive?

A. As a Descisys client you will have regular communications from Descisys via personal calls, email, phone and website. Also you can access our support desk whenever needed. We also encourage user meetings and run a user conference.

Q. What kind of training will my staff receive?

A. Descisys provides a full set of user and training manuals as well as carrying out comprehensive training for key staff during implementation. Standard training courses are delivered in a 'class room style' or can be run at the client location on a customised basis.

Q. What makes Prove so unique?

A. Prove is a suite of applications that covers all aspects of business intelligence. It is unique in that it is the only integrated suite of Business Intelligence (BI) applications in the world. Clients can decide to start with a foundation product and add other products as the need arises [more Prove].

Q. What Makes Camelot so Unique?

A. Camelot is an economic and financial reporting system developed specifically for the demands of the public sector. Camelot utilses a web-based platform that integrates treasury and departmental accounts into one seamless system- dramatically reducing reporting and budgeting times [more Camelot].