TeraSolve is a powerful analytical engine that sits within relational database environments such as Oracle, SQL Server and DB2.  TeraSolve focus's on the analytical needs of the enterprise by providing full OLAP functionality but also draws on the reliability and storage strengths of the relational database.

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Focusing on the analytical needs of the enterprise, TeraSolve has solved the 7 key challenges of BI:

TeraSolve provides the enterprise with the following business and technical benefits:



  • Build and roll-out BI applications in a fraction of the time it would take with other approaches
  • Enterprise view of all data
  • Huge end user throughput capacity
  • Easily Track and compare business change over time
  • Easily understand changes not only in data over data but also structures over time
  • Stability and reliability of Oracle
  • Correctly calculated result
  • Quick response essential for speed of thought analysis
  • Much lower 3 year cost of ownership
  • Continue to use familiar query and reporting tools including Excel
  • Full OLAP functionality and data storage within the relational database
  • All the fault tolerant functionality of relational database (pre/post imaging and rollback) are retained
  • Only relational DBA skills are required to administer the product
  • All OLAP functionality is created such as:
    - Dimensionality
    - Calculations and aggregations
    - Cross-dimensional calculations
  • Metadata separated from data hence allowing historic changes in structures to be managed and tracked
  • Virtually unlimited dimensionality
  • Benchmarked at 300Gb raw data loaded into the cube
  • Certified on Linux
  • Fully J2EE compliant
  • Bundled ODBO driver supports all ODBO compliant query and reporting tools including an on-line
  • Excel interface